We are honored to help you make simple changes with your routines and turn them into effortless rituals. This is rooted in the concept of Longevity, which offers you more presence, gratitude, strength and energy; adding more life to your years. Our core essence embodies reverence for the wisdom of the roots of the Earth to nourish and support the Wild Dance between the Sacred and the Profane.  At Withered Meadow we are passionate about living a lifestyle that considers food, water, movement, sleep, herbs, sunlight, wild nature, inspiration, breath and gratitude as pillars to longevity. If you desire changes in your health, you can start with the practice of believing & trusting in your regenerative body. The mind, along with the pillars mentioned above, are incredibly powerful when it comes to healing anything and moving beyond attaching your identity to a diagnosis. Through your belief systems and actions, you can connect more with yourself and nature giving you the ability to live and age gracefully in right relation with the planet.  Withered Meadow was established in 2021, inspired over the last decade, by her family, self and life on Earth. Alex has been creating nature fueled body care products, recipes and rituals for herself and loved ones since 2013. The vision was inspired by her struggle with acne, digestive, oral & respiratory issues that she struggled with since she was a little girl. As a young adult, she was driven by her desire and guided by her intuition to heal these ailments from the root. She began shifting her belief systems and implementing healthy daily practices in 2011. Throughout the past decade, her results and experiences inspired her to dive deeper into plant medicine and holistic care. This led her to be more consistent, intentional and trusting with how to care and connect the body.
 We use a mixture of plants, oils, clays & magnesium in our skincare to support you in making the switch from toxic beauty care to a natural, regenerative body care ritual of devotion. With our slow infused herbal oils, low and safe percentages of essential oils, hand crafted loose leaf and powdered herb blends and tried and true recipes, our intention is to boost your natural radiance in a way that feels good, inside & out. 
Each of our ingredients are sourced from farmers and herbalists with sustainable and regenerative practices where possible, with organic & fair trade certifications where available and applicable. Our magnesium and clays do not have an organic certification but they have thorough testing for toxins and heavy metals and come straight from the earth with no added fillers or heat refinement.
Wildcrafted & Homegrown are our favorite and most preferred sourcing methods for our formulations. In the near future we hope to be able to source most of our ingredients from local and regenerative farms and our own garden. Mountain Rose Herbs has impeccable standards and is where the majority of our ingredients come from for the last decade. We will continue to support them for the ingredients we are unable to grow ourselves and source locally. We support companies that take care of their workers & are passionate in their beliefs and actions with proper certifications and also beyond the words “organic”, “fair trade” and “sustainable”. There are many high quality small businesses that simply don't have the means to get those certifications like a lot of big companies do. We truly want to be in right-relation, with the land and its peoples where these earth medicines come from. At Withered Meadow, it is our promise to continue to refine sources and make changes in our company as needed to help sustain and regenerate life on earth.