Alex offers online consultations to help guide and support you in your holistic and/or integrative healing modalities. 

 This will vary and be unique for each person, but a good place to start is with asking yourself what it is you desire with your body in terms of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. The next step is to look at your spending, align it with your desires and budget accordingly. Equally important, is beginning or continuing to practice believing & trusting in your regenerative body. If you desire changes in your physical health, I highly recommend utilizing the power of the mind from a spiritual AND logical point of view. Even just the tiniest spark in our weakest moments of faith can be the thread of grace that moves us through to our ultimate thriving & regenerative potential. 

These practices will help you through the resistance in believing that you can heal things like cancer, viral & bacterial infections & diseases, chronic pain & inflammation, chronic respiratory issues, allergies, sinus infections, reflux, acne, scarring, etc. It's time to move beyond identifying with a diagnosis. The human body was designed to heal itself and our symptoms are a message to get to the root of what needs to be acknowledged and given attention and nourishing care. 

Alex can help support you moving beyond identifying with your diagnosis and into regenerative rituals that help you glow from the inside out. Through your belief systems and actions, you can live in a way that will give you control of your health and set you on a path of longevity, in right relation with the planet and balanced with the imperfect, wild, weird, fun parts of being a human.

If you need a little or a lot of guidance and support in these areas, Alex is available for consultations 2 days per week with limited availability. Please use the form below to inquire about additional information, time and availability and to book your consultation.

Alex cannot diagnose, prescribe or treat patients. However, she can legally recommend, educate and dispense specific herbs. If she feels your condition is beyond her recommendations, you will be refunded half your payment & suggested to seek help from an integrated healthcare professional.

PRICING::$35 for 30 min // $60 for 60 min