Diamonds & Rust Mask Powder : This mask is so delicious for my skin. I use it biweekly as a deep skin treatment mixed with the vibrational toner #6, and use it weekly as a deep cleanser/exfoliant. It seems to do wonders for my complexion, getting rid of impurities, darkness, redness, and really invites my natural glow. I love how earthy this blend is; the color and texture of the clay calls me into my wild woman nature, connected to pachamama. 

Ethical ingredients make my soul sing!

T'Kayah Bell

After giving birth to my son, I ran into some dental problems including cavities & beginning stages of gum disease. I started using Talk Dirty to Me Regenerative Toothpaste and over the year of using it, I am astounded at how good my mouth feels. I'm cavity free and my relationship with how I care for my mouth has deepened greatly with it along with the addition of Alex's recommendation of tongue scraping. This toothpaste has a great texture and it leaves my mouth feeling so fresh while adding so much healing. Honestly, it's one of my favorite products that I own.

Brittney Wiseman

Vibrational Toner #6 : I absolutely love this product. I love using it as a deep skin treatment with the Diamonds & Rust Mask the most. I have very sensitive skin and can hardly use any products on my face so I love that this works for me. It is quite gentle and effective at cleansing, toning, and evening out my complexion. I always have a gorgeous rosiness to my skin after using.

T'Kayah Bell

Immaculate Kiss Mouth Rinse: Perfect addition to the toothpaste. I feel so nice & fresh after this morning ritual. I love the flavors as well.

Evie Kuehn

Talk Dirty to Me Regenerative Toothpaste: This stuff is the bomb! I was having issues with my gums bleeding & using this along with tongue scraping and flossing has helped my oral health so much. It lasts quite a while as well.

Evie Kuehn

Radiant Salvation Regenerative Rosehip Serum: I use this serum daily! I love it so much. It is the perfect serum for my face & body. I've noticed my skin's complexion evening out and it is so yummy for dry winter months. It smells delicious as well.

Evie Kuehn

Alex made me a custom facial serum for a specific skin condition, a pre-cancerous spot on my nose. And wow. This oil is Fantastic. I have always had oily skin and thought I could not indulge in routines like oil cleansing with oil based products. My intention was to just spot treat with this serum, but it was too good not to use all over. Not only is my spot diminishing but I use it on my entire face and my skin has never looked or felt healthier. I even use it to remove make up. It smells so bright and absorbs beautifully. It is so clean, I don't know how else to describe it. I will be purchasing everything Alex makes. I'm grateful for her for providing real, handmade products during a time when we are all remembering how potent and important they are.

Erica Grey

Crik Witches