Internal Redemption Tonic Powder
Internal Redemption Tonic Powder
Internal Redemption Tonic Powder
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Internal Redemption Tonic Powder

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Cleansing, Soothing, Strengthening & Revitalizing Nourishment
Radiant on the Inside, Radiant on the Outside

Made of a blend of 6 different herbs, flowers, berries & spices that work together to revitalize the senses and internal body systems. They assist the body in cleansing out infections, soothing inflammation & wounds and aiding the body's innate vital and regenerative abilities. It also packs a heavy and subtle punch of antioxidants promoting a strong immune and digestive system response, and since the body is so interconnected it contributes a lot of other benefits as well.

  • Anti-Inflammatory
  • Can help debloat & detox
  • Supports healthy circulation
  • Supports metabolism & digestion
  • Supports a healthy immune response
  • Supports skin health
  • May reduce fatigue, anxiety, brain fog & stress
  • May be uplifting
  • Helpful for chronic & acute UTIs, viral breakouts, kidney stones 
  • Helpful at any stage of cold, flu & sinus infections

Tonic in terms of "Tonic Herbalism" is referring to the tonal quality of a tissue, how tight or relaxed it is. Tonics are mostly considered to be safe on a daily basis and work to either help relax or tighten the tissue the herbs support. The plants support the body's innate vital intelligence and regenerative abilities.

Looking at it as a consistent (nearly daily), micro-microplus dose of non-psychedelic plant medicine that contain gentle support to help the body self-heal. Tonic herbs combined with vitalist herbalism are not only treating symptoms but more importantly the cause of the symptom. Symptoms are an important messenger not an enemy even though they can feel like it. They need to be listened to and acted logically upon. 

A tonic ritual may help alter the way your consciousness perceives, acts on & allows healing within your body by simply putting a little bit of powder in some warm water or a smoothie & drinking it with an open mind that it just might (& may very likely) work for you.

Internal Redemption should feel like an uplifting rejuvenating cleanse of your internal fog and bog and grounding you into your body and breath. Crafted with the prayer to be able to listen to the body & act on caring for it in ways that serve your truest desire for balance in whichever ways you choose to walk, dance and play in life. 
Even though we are never guaranteed another day, we can still absolutely put more life and vitality into our years while we are here. Especially with foundational lifestyle pillars: gratitude, nature, movement, breath, sunlight, nutrition, silliness, not taking things so seriously and simple tonic rituals. 
A few things to remember when getting started or wherever you are at on your tonic herbalism journey.
  • You cannot get out of moving the body and a consistent mouth care ritual. Sweat, breathwork and mouth care are irreplaceable foundations for clarity, strength & longevity
  • Know that detox symptoms exist and are the body's messengers on where we need to put our nurturing protection and nourishment towards. These will arise periodically & seasonally, a lot of times with extreme weather changes throughout the year.
  • Detox symptoms & acute illnesses will lessen and ease over the years depending on lifestyle factors of course.
  • You will learn to listen to your body more, know your needs & be able to act on & take care of them simply with consistent practice. 
  • Take Days off of Tonic doses from time to time for a few days a week. A general rule of thumb is to average 4-5 days per week on with a ritual & 2-3 days per week off. This will vary during certain seasons. You will find your flow & what works for you.
  • If or when heavy detox symptoms arise, prioritize rest & hydration and potentially cut back or increase the dosage.
  • Consult required for chronic disease and ailments which may require customized blends, dosage & ritual. 
    • 1/2 your payment for consults will be refunded if Withered Meadow is not able to support your needs & you will be referred to an integrative practitioner (holistic & modern medical support).
  • Tonic: Take 1/2 tsp day 3-7 days a week in warm-hot water with the juice of 1/2 a lemon and a small spoonful of honey.
    • Honey & Lemon Optional & Recommended
    • Take 1/2 tsp up to 3x per day, gradually incrementing if you feel like your body needs or wants more. 
    • If you feel like your body wants more daily, increase to 1 tsp 2x per day for 3 days of the week to see how your body handles more at once. 
  • Acute Illness: Take 1 tsp up to 3x per day the same way as the tonic ritual above. The dosage is increased here. 
    • Chronic & Severe Cases: Consult required to increase dosage further & customize frequency for specific needs.


 Cranberry, Hibiscus, Schisandra, Ginger, Rosehip, Sea Buckthorn, Pearl Powder & Cayenne